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Embark on an Italian culinary journey focusing on one of the 20 Italian regions every 3 months with Mamma Lidia’s 3-course-meal. The full Sicilian experience includes an Aperol Spritz – naturally.

 Our a la carte menu is carefully crafted by executive Chef Marco Giugliano, giving you a taste of Italy, all the way from the North to the tip of the boot!


All our pasta is freshly handmade daily, and our sizzling Robata Grill adds an intense flavour to our fresh ingredients.


Sicily is a melting pot of Greek, Roman, Spanish, Arabic and French influences, so it's no surprise it's left its mark on Sicilian cuisine. Sicily champions itself for a creative blend of flavours and Mamma Lidia has reflected it on her own special set menu. Expect to taste a full array of typical dishes where handmade Ricotta cheese, Aubergines and hearty premium ingredients will be the protagonist.


Mamma Lidia is a proud Sicilian Mamma from Siracusa, who's flown all the way to London with her recipe book that has been passed down for generations. Her passion for cooking has always revolved around her family, and you might as well throw that diet out the window - you'll always be too skinny in her eyes! She'll fill up your heart (and your belly) with mouth-watering Sicilian delicacies passed on from her own Mamma!

Mamma Lidia is the guardian of ancient and traditional recipes, so be careful not to mention canned tomato sauce or ready-made pasta. It's all a matter of preparing from scratch food for your beloved ones!

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