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Embark on an Italian culinary journey focusing on one of the 20 Italian regions every 3 months with mamma's 3-course-meal from Campania. 

 Our a la carte menu will give you a taste of Italy, all the way from the North to the tip of the boot!


Most of our pasta is freshly handmade daily!

Welcome to Campania!

Napoli, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, the active Vesuvio Volcano are only few of the jewels we could mention for its picturesque beauty.

Deeply passionate and creative, a strong identity and a UNESCO recognized dialect is what could represent in a nutshell the beauty of being “Napoletano/a”.

Map Southern 2 Camparia X.png


Our Mammas have flown all the way to London with their recipe book that has been passed down for generations.


The passion for cooking has always revolved around their family, and you might as well throw that diet out the window... you’ll always be too skinny in our “imported” Mamma’s eyes!

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This land of “mare” (sea) and “terra” (earth), will bring to your table anything from fresh seafood, slow cooked meat and an extensive array of juicy veggies and handmade mozzarella.

We have put together the best collection of recipes which explores both “cibo per la gente” (food for the people) and aristocratic touches brought in from the wealthy heritage of this area which included Spanish and French influences.

Now relax and  get ready to taste the Neapolitan art of welcoming!

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