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Ciao Belli di Mamma!


We are a very small team and most of us are busy on the floor and find it a bit hard to get back to all the emails. We have gathered a bit of information below that could help you getting ready for your experience with us.


Please give it a read, in case you still have questions, you can get in touch by email and we will aim to reply as soon as possible :) 

  • How we started
    Since the most famous chefs praise their moms for being their inspiration, what would happen if you had Italian mothers cooking their recipes in a restaurant? Find more about us in our press page by clicking HERE.
  • How to apply
    Our family is getting bigger and we can’t wait to meet mammas who are passionate and expert about regional Italian cuisine! If you are interested or know someone who is looking for a new challenge, we will be happy to receive a short description and mobile number via email to Our job offer is also open to aunts, friends, sisters, cousins etc... and all people interested in being the perfect ambassadors of real Italian hospitality and who are able to prepare traditional homecooked style recipes from all over Italy. We are open to both short collaborations (3 months) and permanent positions, full time and part time, but please note that we kindly require all applicants to have their right to work in the UK with a settle or pre-settled status, ILR and similar. If needed, we can take care of the accommodation as it's very important that the applicant is based in London and with easy access to our locations.
  • How can a mamma, non professional chef, work in a restaurant?
    Once a new Mamma joins the team, she works on building the menu with our operational chef, training the team and making sure her ingredients and procedures are strictly followed. To make sure the Mammas are as comfortable as possible, we build a “homestyle” kitchen for them where they can do the preparation before we open the doors in a more familiar environment. To avoid the Mammas feeling overwhelmed by a busy shift and for safety reasons (such as dealing with allergens and special dietary requirements), each location has a dedicated kitchen brigade that will run the service making sure everything goes smoothly. Once doors are open, the Mamma will keep with her preparations and will make sure our guests are happy. Depending on how busy we are and how many Mammas are joining our adventure, you will meet one or more mamma.
  • Who are the Mammas?
    “Mamma” in Italian means mom. Most of our mammas never worked in a restaurant and come from very different backgrounds. Some of them are retired but have too much energy to give and won’t slow down, others dedicated their life to their family and are now looking for a new challenge on their own, others again lost their job and found our project as a new beginning.
  • When does the region / menu change?
    That's a hard question! It all depends on Mamma's mood! We do not have any specific scheduled timings, as soon as a new mamma joins the adventure and is happy to share all her family recipes and teach our professional chefs all the secrets, we start working on a new menu. This is one of the most beautiful part of the process as we get to know the traditions behind each dish but also the Mammas will give us a cultural context of how and why a specific recipe was prepared this and that way. Our suggestion is to check our Instagram and website to understand which regions we are showcasing at our different location at your booking time. Although we try to represent different areas of Italy we can reassure you that all our menus will offer the best homecooked and family style recipes you'll try this side of Italy! :) Buon appetito!
  • Big groups table seating plan and site visit
    Depending on the location, we can accommodate large groups at the same long table (average 20-25 guests per long table) or we can set up a long table and another table very close. We only have rectangular tables, if you wish to plan your seating in details, feel free to pop by on a less busy day and speak with the manager to understand the options.
  • Tables from 6 guests are considered a group with a group set menu
    All bookings starting from 6 guests are considered a group and we kindly require you to opt for one of our group set menu you can find by clicking on our website MENU page.
  • Telephone booking
    Please be aware that our telephone lines do get very busy at times and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to reach us immediately especially during a busy service. Online booking is preferred, walk-ins are always welcome.
  • Private hire / private events / filming / weddings / big events
    We can offer an area or the entire restaurant for your exclusive use. Please fill the EVENTS form by entering all the details and what’s the budget you are working with to receive a quote (please make sure you give us at least a budget range to allow us to come back to you with options).
  • How to make a booking online
    Click on our RESERVATION page, choose your restaurant and enter details such as date, number of guests and time. Click on NEXT. A message will appear giving you more information (e.g about the no show fee, or non refundable deposit if applicable on specific events/holidays or details about group bookings). Read the details and click on SELECT and click on NEXT. Enter your booking details and check the email address and phone number are correct.. Click on NEXT. A recap of your booking will appear, at the bottom you can see at what time we would kindly need the table back. Tick the box to accept the terms and conditions then click on NEXT. Card details will be required to place the booking (or a non refundable deposit if applicable on specific events/holidays). Enter the details (they are securely stored and we can’t see your card details information). If we require only card details, no charge will be applied (unless you fail to cancel or amend your booking, if so, there is a no show fee). Find more info in the " amend, cancel you booking / no show fee" section. A charge will be applied in case we require a deposit or a non refundable deposit. You will receive a confirmation email which can be used to amend or cancel the booking by clicking on EDIT or CANCEL. Please note you can do so within 48h prior to the booking ( and 7 days for groups starting from 15 guests). – On exceptional case, we might place the booking for you, if so, you will receive an email with a link to enter your card details, please note that the link expires in 24h and your booking request will be cancelled. – Please find below details about small bookings (under 4 guests) and big bookings ( from 6 guests). If you are booking for a table of 2 o 3 people, please note that you can simply walk in because we mainly accept bookings starting from 4 guests. We do allocate a few smaller tables online but don’t worry if you don’t see availability because we save tables for 2-3 people for walk ins.
  • Booking a table with a gift voucher
    Book your table online and please enter in the booking notes your voucher code (making sure the spelling is correct) and don't forget to show your voucher to the team at the restaurant. If you find any issue, please email at and let us know your name, booking date and time, location and your unique gift voucher number (please make sure you double check the spelling of the code). We will check the validity of your voucher and authorize the booking.
  • Big groups with minimum spending or private hire
    Based on the location, after a certain number of guests (around 25) we reserve the right to ask for a minimum spending based on the number of confirmed guests x the price of the preferred group set menu + service charge. We might need a non refundable deposit to confirm the booking. Depending on the location, after a certain number of guests (around 30) we reserve the right to offer a private hire of the entire area. If so we will let you know details about the minimum spending.
  • Card details vs deposit when booking
    To complete your booking, card details are required. No charge will be applied (unless we apply a no show fee due to a late cancellation or your table not showing up, more info below). In case of big groups or private hire we reserve the right to ask for a non refundable deposit (if so, this will be communicated to you). In case of events or festive days such as NYE or Valentine's we might have a special set menu and we could ask for a non refundable deposit per person which will be deducted from your bill. If so, you will see a message appearing while you book online with more information about the required deposit.
  • Booking for a small table (2-4 people)
    Online booking will be accepted for tables starting from 4 guests. Smaller tables (2-3 people) are welcome to walk in at all times (we do have some small tables available online only in specific slots based on the location). In case you don’t find any availability online, please just show up at the restaurant because there’s not much we can do if you email us. Remember that we always save tables for walk-ins and for small tables under 4 guests therefore we will accommodate you as soon as possible.
  • Drinking only
    All guests must order food, if you wish to drink only, we have a separate area at the bar
  • Dogs
    We are happy to welcome well behaved small and medium-small dogs which can stay under the table. On special occasions, holidays, bank holidays, celebrations etc we might not accept dogs because of the nature of the event, loud music etc…
  • Drink deals for groups
    We are sorry but we do not offer drink deals/packages. If you wish you can check our drink list online and pre order (in case your choice is not available, we will suggest the most similar option).
  • Walk ins / same day reservation cut off time
    We always save some tables for walk ins and for small tables under 4 guests which can’t book online (see below for more info). Same day online booking cut off time is 11.30 am when we open at noon and 4.30 pm when we open at 5.30 pm. After this time you can simply walk in.
  • Seating time based on the size of the booking
    We are a small restaurant but many guests are keen to visit the Mammas not only from London but from all over the world. As a rule of thumb (and as many other restaurants in London) we allow as an average of 1h and 30 minutes up to 2 hours for bigger groups (different timings apply with private hires). When booking online, you’ll see at what time we would kindly need the table back. In case we understand on the day that we do not need the table back immediately, we will be happy to leave it a little longer (at manager’s discretion).
  • £ 25 PP no show fee / late arrival
    We reserve the right to charge a no show fee per person in case of late cancellation, no show up and late arrival.
  • How to amend the booking
    In case you wish to increase or decrease the size of your booking, please do so by clicking on EDIT on your confirmation email (if you haven’t received it, please check in your spam folder and look for “La mia Mamma”). Bookings can be changed up to 48h prior to your booking for smaller reservations and up to 7 days prior the booking for bigger groups starting from 15 guests (different rules apply for private hires and bookings with an agreed minimum spending). When possible, please avoid calling the restaurant as our small team is focused on running the service.
  • Cancel the booking - calls and emails not accepted
    Cancellation via phone or email are not accepted. Please cancel your booking by clicking on the CANCEL button on your confirmation email (if you haven’t received it, please check in your spam folder and look for “ La mia Mamma”). Bookings can be cancelled up to 48h prior to your booking for small tables, 7 days prior for big groups starting from 15 guests, different conditions apply to private hires and bookings with a minimum spending. In case the cancellation terms are not respected, we will reserve the right to apply a now show fee.
  • 15 minutes holding time in case of delays
    Tables can only be held for up to 15 minutes from the time of your booking and will be released when this time has expired. If you are a large group, we suggest that all the guests arrive at least 5 min before your reservation time. Failure to meet the reserved time will result in the right to treat this as a no show and charge (details below). When the restaurant is busy, management reserves the right to seat you once the majority of your guests have arrived to minimize the risk of your party not being able to finish your meal within the allotted time. The manager cannot extend the time allocation during busy periods.
  • Less number of people
    Please note that our restaurant is quite small so we hope you can understand that every no show or late show can affect other bookings and the strategic configuration of the tables. If you fail to cancel your booking or update the decreased party size 48 hours prior to the reservation via the button on your Resdiary booking confirmation email, we reserve the right to charge a no show fee per person missing. Please note that cancellation and amendments have to be done via your booking confirmation email (this will update our system) and phone calls are not valid. If your table shows up with less guests than the reserved number of people, we might ask you to wait until we can allocate you the first available table which meets the real number of people.
  • Cooking Classes
    We've been organizing in person and online cooking classes for group of guests, special events, corporate events and tv filmings. Every now and then the Mammas would organise a cooking class but, since they've been so busy lately, we do not hold them quite often. If you wish to be the first to know about our new dates, simply subscribe to our newsletter (on the contact page). The best way to learn Mamma's secret is booking at our restaurants and ask in the booking notes to be seated to Mamma's kitchen counter (stools), from here, you'll be able to see the Mammas working their magic and ask a few tips! For a more intimate experience we suggest King's Rd kitchen counter ( 2/3 guests) or at Notting Hill (seats up to 9 guests). We are always happy to receive a cooking class special request for corporate events (in house or at your office), get in touch at and we will check if the mammas are available. Don't forget to let us know how many guests and your budget for this event.
  • Dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, allergens
    We are happy to accommodate different dietary requirements, just pop a note in the reservation when booking online and let us know your dietary requirement in advance / how many people. Please note that if you have an allergy, although we do our best to avoid cross contamination, that might still happen in our kitchen. Also, we do have gluten free options but our restaurant and kitchen is not gluten free.
  • Halal
    We source halal certified meat but some recipes might use wine or other ingredients so please speak to the Manager on the day of your visit who will be able to advise you further.
  • How does the menu work?
    Italy showcases a rich culinary treasure covering 20 different regions from North to South. Each of our restaurant focuses on a different region so you can try all the cuisines. Every 3 months we say goodbye and we welcome a new region, wine list and background music according to the area we are exploring. We offer three different kinds of menus: traditional regional set menu (3 different prices, if you wish to try a bit of everything) a la carte menu (menu covering all Italy with a modern twist) group set menu (for all bookings starting from 6 guests, 3 different prices, all recipes are to share and placed at the center). Please visit our MENU page on our website for more information.
  • Dietary requirements with group set menu
    Please enter in the booking notes your dietary requirements for how many guests when reserving for a group. Our standard group set menu comes with all the courses cooked proportionally to the number of people and placed in the middle. In case of specific dietary requirements, we will always make sure that in the selection we bring to the table there’s something for everyone. If needed we will bring separate dishes based on the dietary requirements.
  • How does the group set menu work (for bookings starting from 6 guests)
    Our standard group set menu comes with all the courses cooked proportionally to the number of people and placed in the middle. In case of specific dietary requirements, we will always make sure that in the selection we bring to the table there’s something for everyone. If needed we will bring separate dishes based on the dietary requirements.
  • Kids when booking for a group starting from 6 guests
    When you are booking for a group starting from 6 guests (therefore with a group set menu), we kindly ask you to consider the kids when booking so we can allocate the correct table/seating but please let us know in the booking notes how many kids are joining you and if you need a high chair. Kids under 10 years will not be considered part of the group set menu and we are happy to prepare a pasta dish from the a la carte menu (no kids portions available) or make a kids friendly “ pasta al pomodoro” with slow cooked fresh tomato sauce.
  • Kids menu not available
    Kids are welcome but we do not have a kids menu. Mamma and the team can prepare an a la carte pasta (no kids portions available sorry) or make a kids friendly “pasta al pomodoro” with slow cooked fresh tomato sauce. We have high chairs on request (and based on availability).
  • Cake
    We can accept cakes from outside when informed in advance and only when you opt for the regional set menu or group set menu (no a la carte menu). Cakes are not accepted on holidays, bank holidays and special events days.
  • Bottles
    Only one bottle per booking can be accepted with a £ 25 corkage fee.
  • Accessibility
    Hollywood Rd, Chelsea: entry accessible with a ramp on request, please inform us in advance so we can get it ready. Toilets are in the lower ground area and are not wheelchair accessible yet. King’s Rd, Chelsea: entry accessible with a ramp on request, please inform us in advance so we can get it ready. Toilets are in the lower ground area and are not wheelchair accessible yet. Kensington Pk Rd, Notting Hill: entry is accessible, toilets are in the lower ground area and are not wheelchair accessible yet.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Smart casual is always a pleasure but we are pretty relaxed, this is your home too! We only kindly ask to avoid very sporty outfits (tracksuits, caps etc..) and flip flops. On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve we kindly invite our guests to dress to impress!
  • Best time to visit
    If you wish to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, we suggest booking: for early dinner (before 6.30 pm) weekdays dinner (Monday to Wednesday) everyday lunch (where applicable) If you can only visit us during the weekends and prefer a less busy situation, we suggest: early lunch (noon) very late lunch (after 2.30 pm) early dinner (anytime before 6.30 pm) Looking for some proper vibes? Thursdays to Sundays are our most busy days with a more energetic (and sometimes a bit more noisy in a good way) atmosphere.
  • How to reach us
    Please use the full addresses below to plan your journey. Hollywood Rd, Chelsea: 2, Hollywood Rd, SW109HY, Chelsea Closest tube station: Earl’s Court / South Kensington King’s Rd, Chelsea: 257, King’s Rd, SW35EL, Chelsea Closest tube station: Sloane Square / South Kensington Kensington Pk Rd, Notting Hill: 190 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill Closest tube station: Notting Hill
  • Purchase a voucher and gift a restaurant experience
    If you wish to gift your special someone a meal with the Mammas at any of our locations, check our VOUCHER page on the website. Choose the amount you wish to spend, enter a personal message (optional) decide if you wish to send a digital voucher to your receiver or if you wish to receive it on your email and print it out. Please note we do not offer paper vouchers. When it's time to book, we kindly ask receivers to mention the unique voucher code when booking online or via email at and to show the voucher at the restaurant.
  • Something wasn’t right, who can you speak to?
    We’re sorry to hear that. Please let us know if anything isn't quite right and we will do our best to sort it out right on the moment so we can make sure to give you a great time! Instead of keeping your feelings for yourself and uploading a review online without giving us the chance to amend the situation during your visit, on the first instance, we kindly ask you to speak to the restaurant manager. If you feel you haven’t been heard, please contact us via our email Grazie mille!
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