Embark on an Italian culinary journey focusing on one of the 20 Italian regions every 3 months with mamma's 3-course-meal. 

 Our a la carte menu is carefully crafted by our Head Chef, giving you a taste of Italy, all the way from North to the Southern tip of the boot!


Most of our pasta is freshly handmade daily, and our sizzling Robata Grill adds an intense flavour to our fresh ingredients.

Here we are to discover and share the beauty and tasteful pleasures of Abruzzo. We are in central Italy, East coast, facing the Adriatic sea and surrounded by other Italian regions which offer an interesting cross cultural and gastronomic contamination. This is a land where seafood and meat-based recipes are equally perfected at their very best based on the beach or inland area you are visiting. Abruzzo prides a deep pasta making tradition which offers a great array of many different shapes such as Spaghetti alla Chitarra (guitar style) which are made with a quite unique wooden cutting - tool with metal stings which reminds a guitar.


Our Mammas have flown all the way to London with their recipe book that has been passed down for generations.


The passion for cooking has always revolved around their family, and you might as well throw that diet out the window... you’ll always be too skinny in our “imported” Mamma’s eyes!

We would like you to picture a green land with protected national parks enriched by beautiful beaches, an incredible gastronomic tradition is kept alive in untouched medieval villages with enchanted castles. Probably an undiscovered version of Tuscany where the typical "Italian" summer dream lives up at a slower pace. Many Italians will experience food from Abruzzo for the first time right here, right now just like you. We will make sure our Abruzzesi Mamma will give you a generous taste of this area with a good glass of local red Montepulciano wine and addictive Arrosticini skewers!

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