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In Southern Italy, families have been sending “il pacco” (the box) full of traditional food to their relatives in other regions or abroad for generations to express their love and make everyone feel more connected to their roots, their land and their family.

We are not inventing anything new, we just do what we would have done if we were in Italy with part of our heart in the UK.

Hope you’ll enjoy every bite of our packs and feel that you are not alone, we are here to express our love with what we know best: comfort food passed down from generations.


Following the huge request, the Mammas and the team decided to launch a brand new website with a selection of food boxes filled with different types of Italian goods, both to be cooked and ready-to-eat.

Our ‘Survival Pack” is the ultimate package, including any sort of Italian goodies with a mix of items that will satisfy anyone’s need for at least a week at £ 118. You can now order the same pacco with half the portions (but same amount of happiness) at £ 70 (please note in this pack you will receive 2 sauces instead of 4).

Not only Survival Packs, the Mammas have launched new DIY packs such as "Mamma's Classics" and our regional 3 course meal with bottle of wine "Sunday in..."  at £35 where you'll enjoy a gastronomic tour in Bologna, Napoli and Genova and Mamma Anna's infamous pistachio Tiramisù kit!


We were able to keep the price low (£118) thanks to the deals that were agreed with the traders as a way to be close to our community in times of economic uncertainty. This deal will be maintained depending on demand so we really much hope that the offer will be embraced by our friends and that many will choose to enjoy the “pacco”.

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